Applications Industries

  •    Cement industries
  •    suagar industries
  •    paper industries
  •    Effuent tretment plants
  •    pollution control plants
  •    textile industriesc
  •    gas booster
  •    fertillizer industries

Twin Lobe Roots Blower

There are Positive Displacement Twin Lobe Compressors suitable for a wide range of operating speed to meet the exact capacity requirements of the application. They can do offered pressures in single stage upto 1Kg/cm2. Two stage machine can be offered for pressers upto 1.8- Kg/cm2. These machine can also be used as Exhausters, and for the compression of various gases.

Special Features

  •    Air cooled design
  •    continuous Air Flow
  •    100% oil free Air
  •    Air Flow can be vertical or horizontal with adjustable feet
  •    V-belt drive can be used for complete range
  •    shaft center heights to suit motor as per IEC frame size
  •    special sealing arrangment
  •    suitable for gases othe then Air