•    Application:Distillation, evaporation, drying, cooling, cooking etc. in chemical, pharma, paper,petrochemical, food, starch industries etc.
  •    Vacuum De-Gassing in steel plant
  •    Stem jet and Meg jet ejector system in Polyester plant
  •    Bleaching, deodorization, stratification, autoclaves ,fatty distillation etc in edible oil refineryplant
  •    Soap drying, fatty distillation is soap Ind.
  •    Water chilling
  •    Power Plant – Water cooled and Air cooled condenser exhausting, priming

Steam Jet Ejector Vacuum System

Finetech Vacuum Pumps is one of leader manufacturer and supplier especially the vacuum generating equipment asbelow according to world’s recognized code ASME For Mechanical design, HEI for thermal, TEMA & ASME Codes for Heat Exchanger

Vacuum Requirement For Steel Degassing:

  •    liquid ring vacuum pump
  •    Steam jet ejector vacuum system
  •    Educator
  •    Tank mixer
  •    Thermo compressor
  •    Water refrigerating system
  •    Inline heater
  •    Silencer
  •    Water Jet ejector

Ejector System Manufacturing In Below Material Of Construction As Per Costumer Requirement

  •    Stainless Steel,
  •    Carbon steel,
  •    Titanium,
  •    Graphite,
  •    alloy Steel,
  •    Hest alloy,
  •    Plastic material i.e. PP, FRP, Teflon lined etc.