Thermo Vapour Compressor

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   Thermo-compressors to Reduce Venting ofLow-Pressure Steam Large industrial plants often vent significant quantities of low-pressuresteam to the atmosphere, wasting energy, water, and water-treatment chemicals. Recovery of theLatent heat content of low-pressure steam reduces the boiler load, resulting in energy and fuelcost savings.

   Low-pressure potential uses include driving evaporation and distillationprocesses, producing hot water, space heating, producing a vacuum, or Chilling water. If the steampressure is too low for the intended application, a steam jet Thermo compressor can boost thepressure and temperature to the required level.

   Thermo compressors and ejectors operate on the same thermodynamic and physical Principle:Energy contained in high-pressure steam can be transferred to a lower pressure vapor or gas toproducea mixed discharge stream of intermediate pressure.

   These devices are known for: Simple construction, Insensitivity to fouling, Easy installationLow capital and installation costs, Easy maintenance, no moving parts, long useful operating lives If the objective is to recover the latent heat content of the low-pressure suction vapor for processuse, the device is called a thermo compressor. If the objective is to pull a vacuum on a processvessel, the device is called an ejector.